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March 2023

Our latest table lamp series that features an innovative design and modern product specifications at a competitive price point.

The BHA series is made with a clear acrylic lamp shade for a classic timeless look, providing a mellow natural lighting in the room.

The BHG series can be made with a rounded or edged lampshade, and is available in a variety of different colors.


February 2021

This item is the latest addition to the products we supply at Changtai Group and is a real customer favorite. With its built-in WiFi module, the product can be controlled by the Smart Life mobile App available on iOS and Android, and voice controlled by Alexa or Google Home.

It is possible to pair multiple lamps together, and change between cold to warm white and any color on the RGB color palette. It also features light dimming, music control and scenes settings. Additionally, this product does not require a gateway box to work. Set it up directly with your home WiFi, and start using its smart features right away! 

Integrate this product in any or all rooms of your house to jazz up your future smart home!


February 2021

New in 2021 is the Changtai Group LED Lantern that provides a cozy vibe in your home, with the latest most power-efficient LED SMD technology on the market. As the LED industry has developed over the years, there has yet to be designed an LED lamp that accurately depicts the liveliness of an old fashioned oil lantern. Well, look no further! The Changtai Group LED Lantern provides that authentic atmosphere, with a battery time of up to 8 hours.

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