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Design Your Own Product

We build your product bottom-up based on your desired design and 2D drawing. We will develop an interactable 3D model and make the product work in line with your requirements to functions and specifications. The 3D model can then be used to make simple tooling, a hand sample, and functioning sample. Based on your approval, we will take it upon our shoulders to oversee production of tooling, and setting up mass-production, with a firm grip on QC of all productions and deliveries.

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Injection machine hall 1.JPG
assembly line 1.JPG
Blister packing 2.JPG
Packing line B 2.JPG
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Dark Room(IES Testing) 2.JPG
Transportation Vibration Testing Machine
Small Testing Tools.JPG
Switch life testing Machine.JPG
Temperature Rising Testing Machine.JPG
Small 3D print Machine.JPG
Salt Spray Machine 2.JPG
Needle-flame+Glow-wire Testing Machine 1
Lumen Testing Room 2.JPG
High-low Temperature Testing Machine 2.J
Lumen Testing Room 1.JPG
Impack Testing Machine.JPG
EMC Testing Room 2.JPG
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Finished goods warehouse.JPG
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