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Changtai Group supplies only top quality products, backed by our service guarantee. If we do not think the products are good enough, we just will not supply them. We care about you and want you to be happy with your purchases.

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Quality Control: Quality Control


Quality Control: Text
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Incoming Quality Control

The first stage in our quality control process already takes place before product assembly commences, as spare parts and materials that enter the assembly line are thoroughly checked, as part of our company's IQC (Incoming quality control) process. Here, trained engineers carefully inspect all machinery, materials, and components, before assembly begins.

Quality Control: Quality Control
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Quality Control

The second stage is our in-line quality control. The in-line quality control process incorporates inspection points across the production line. Samples according to AQL from the produced batch are carefully inspected by a different team of QC engineers that work in close contact with senior representatives from each part of the assembly line. If any flaws are found in the process, assembly recommences until all engineers are satisfied and every unit lives up to the exceptional company standard.

Quality Control: Quality Control


The applicable test processes vary depending on the product type. Below are a series of different tests that we run across our wide selection of products.

Click into the gallery below to browse our different test types.

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Quality Control: Pro Gallery
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